“Switch now and save big!”

There’s a message we’ve all heard before.

Every cell phone carrier, insurance company, and cable TV provider makes claims that switching to their service will save you money. But behind each of these offers is an underlying question of quality. If I switch insurance companies, will I have the same quality of coverage? So on and so forth...

Luckily – there is one money-saving switch you can make without the risk. Move your auto loan from a bank or finance company over to MemberFocus for a better interest rate and a lower monthly payment.

We've helped hundreds of people, just like you, refinance their auto loans. With financing, there is no question of quality. Our money is just as green as the competitors. And we offer automatic payments, so you can set it up once and forget it.

It doesn’t get much easier than that. So really – “Switch now and save big!”

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Refinance Example

Lowering your interest rate can mean lower monthly payments. Not to mention saving hundreds, even thousands of dollars, on finance charges.

The savings realized by refinancing will vary and cannot be guaranteed. Once your application is completed, MemberFocus can quote your refinance savings with greater accuracy. 

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Custom Savings Quote

Want to know what you'll save by refinancing?

Using the details of your current loan, our Financial Service Representatives can quote how much you'll save by refinancing with MemberFocus. If the numbers look good, we can take your loan application over the phone in just a matter of minutes.

Call us now at (313) 581-2002. Or send us a message and we'll call you within (2) business days.

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Your refinance savings are not guaranteed until your application is taken and approved. All loan applications are subject to credit approval and acceptable collateral (i.e. your vehicle).

Questions? Call us during business hours (313) 581-2002. Or send us a message anytime!

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