Signature Loans

A signature loan is simply that, a loan secured only by your signature (i.e. your promise to repay). No collateral necessary!

MemberFocus offers some of the best signature loan rates available in Metro Detroit. Borrow up to $10,000 unsecured for a term up to 48 months.

Need $500 for an unexpected bill or car repair? No problem! At MemberFocus we're happy to help with small loans over short terms.

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All loans are subject to credit approval. Rates are determined by creditworthiness. Call (313) 581-2002 for complete details.

Quick Cash Line of Credit

Our Quick Cash line of credit is the ultimate overdraft protection for your MemberFocus checking account. This convenient line of credit will automatically transfer funds to your checking account when your balance is insufficient. This allows you to avoid non-sufficient fund fees, returned check fees, and embarrassing moments! Best of all, there are no transfer fees when you access your line.

Your quick cash line of credit is available to you 24/7. You can tap into your approved credit line any time you need a short-term loan. This revolving loan carries a variable interest rate and minimum payments will become due the following month. All loans are subject to credit approval. Rates are determined by creditworthiness.

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Debt Consolidation Loan

A debt consolidation loan can be a great tool for people who:

  • Have high interest credit card debt
  • Want to simplify their finances
  • Want to lower their monthly payment

Let MemberFocus consolidate all of your debts into one single monthly payment. Stop the endless cycle of minimum payments on high interest credit cards.

With a debt consolidation loan from MemberFocus, we’ll pay off all of your current debts; restructuring your debts into one loan with a non-variable interest rate. This allows you to manage your debt more effectively and potentially save money on fees and finance charges.

Borrowers must meet our lending guidelines to qualify for a debt consolidation loan. To find out if a debt consolidation loan is right for you, please call us at (313) 581-2002. Or apply online and one of our lending specialists will reach out to you during the next business day.

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Share Secured Loan

Do you have money saved and hate to part with it? Rather than dipping into your savings, borrow against it with a share secured loan. Share secured loans feature our lowest interest rate. The beauty of this loan is that it is fully secured by your own funds. At any point, if you decide you want to pay off the loan, you’ve got the funds to do it. As you pay down your loan, your savings account is locked-in keeping your nest egg safe and federally insured.

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Credit Builder Loan

Our Credit Builder loan is designed for people who need help establishing or improving their credit history. A Credit Builder loan is similar to a share secured loan. MemberFocus will extend you a loan, for example $1,000, and secure the funds in your savings account. Over the term of the loan, for example 12 months, you will make monthly payments. Once your loan is paid in full, the secured funds will be made available to you. Through the process of borrowing money and making consistent on-time payments, you will establish or improve your credit. The more money you borrow, over a longer term, the more impact you’ll notice in your credit rating.

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