Make MemberFocus your first stop for real estate loans. We offer home equity term loans, home equity lines of credit, and R&R loans. Our partner, Mortgage Center offers a variety of mortgage products to meet your needs.

Mortgage Center

Our partner, Mortgage Center can help you save time and money with your home loan. Whether you’re looking to purchase, refinance, or start construction, help is only a phone call or click away!

Our Mortgage Center offers a variety of loans to match your unique needs: 

  • Conventional Fixed Rate loans – available in 10, 15, 20 or 30 year terms 
  • FHA loans – low down payment requirements, perfect for first time buyers 
  • One-Time Close Construction loans – a no hassle construction loan with competitive rates 
  • Golden Jumbo loan – for members who need loans that exceed FNMA maximum published loan limits
  • More loan options available! 

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Home Equity Loans

The equity you’ve established in your home is a great asset. MemberFocus can help you borrow against that equity to finance home improvements, education expenses or to consolidate debts. A home equity term loan is a one-time borrow against your equity, paid back in monthly installments over a set term ranging from 5 to 15 years. Home Equity term loans carry a non-variable interest rate.

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Home Equity Line of Credit

A home equity line of credit (HELOC) is the ideal solution for those who need ongoing access to their funds. Borrow against your home’s equity at any time, in any amount that you need. Your monthly payments will only be 1% of the balance due or $50, whichever is greater. You only pay interest on your outstanding balance. You can borrow up to 80% of your home’s appraised value; maximum loan amount is $200,000. Our HELOC product features a variable interest rate.

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Remodel or Restructure Loan

Our Remodel and Restructure (R&R) loan is the right choice for people who do not have equity in their home to borrow against. An R&R loan can provide the funds you need to make home improvements, add an addition, build a garage or complete other major projects. MemberFocus requires that all work be preformed by a licensed contractor in the state of Michigan. R&R loans are unsecured and feature a variable interest rate. Borrow up to $30,000 over a term up to 10 years.

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