Security Is a Top Priority

For added security, the new MemberFocus website now uses the Comodo SSL, the highest standard for Web site authentication. Comodo SSL signifies that our organization has passed a rigorous identity authentication process. In some high-security browsers, a Comodo SSL Certificate triggers the browser address bar to:

  • Turn green,
  • Display https:// in the URL, and
  • Show the name of the organization that owns this Web site and Comodo SSL, the certificate authority that verified the owner's identity.

**When your address bar turns green, be sure to look to see that the owner of this Web site is the organization you intended to visit.**

Here are some of the layers of technology (and their descriptions) that we utilize to ensure the confidentiality of your transactions:

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128 Bit SSL Encryption

Before information is exchanged between a member and MemberFocus, it is encoded (locked) with a Secure Socket Layers (SSL) encryption "key". The SSL process locks the data so that regardless of the path the information takes as it passes from sender to receiver, it can only be accessed by the end user with the proper "key".

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Network Security & Monitoring

Firewalls are used to protect our systems and networks from any unauthorized Internet traffic. The firewall's purpose is to ensure that only authorized traffic is allowed to pass to our systems and networks. As traffic passes through our systems and network, logs are created that allow us to monitor security and detect any attempts to breach our systems.

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Hardware & Software Requirements

You are responsible for selecting all systems, hardware and Your Internet service provider. You are also responsible for any defect, malfunction or interruption in service or security due to hardware failure, Your choice of Internet service provider and systems computer services. We are not responsible for any errors or failures caused by any malfunction of Your computer, tablet, or mobile device and We are not responsible for any computer virus or related problems that may be associated with the use of Home Banking, Your computer or other Internet-access device. You are also responsible for all telephone and/or text charges incurred in connecting to Home Banking and for charges by any service providing connection to the Internet.

The following browsers are supported by our Home Banking System:

  • Internet Explorer Version 11 or higher
  • Mozilla Firefox Version 42 or higher
  • Google Chrome Version 45 or higher
  • Mac Running Firefox Version 42 or higher
  • Mac Running Safari Version 8 or higher

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User ID & Password

To access your account information, you will enter an User ID and Access Code. Your password is not displayed in text as you enter it upon login. This provides an extra level of security by ensuring no one sees it.

Never share your password with anyone or write it down where someone might find it. We recommend that you change your password often and not use common words that can be found in the dictionary, your first or last name, or numbers in a series.

How to change your home banking password:

  • Log in to MemberConnect Web with your User ID and Password
  • In the upper right hand corner, click on the 'Other Options' menu
  • Select Change Password option
  • Enter your new password and save changes

In addition, you should never save your passwords when prompted by your browser. This is especially important if you are accessing your account from a public computer (e.g., library or school).

How to turn off 'Auto Complete' features on your computer:

  • From within Internet Explorer, click Tools --> Internet Options
  • Click Content --> Auto Complete
  • Uncheck the box next to Usernames and Passwords
  • Click the Clear Passwords button and click OK to Clear Passwords.
  • Click OK on the remaining menu boxes

Please ensure you use our Logout feature if you will be leaving your computer for any amount of time. Logging out will ensure your session is ended. We recommend that you close your browser after you log out. This will provide one more level of security to ensure no one is able to enter your previous session.

After a specific period of inactivity, MemberConnect Web will automatically close your session. In order to re-enter you will be required to enter your User ID and password.

In addition to the safeguards outlined above, the federal government also provides protection for consumers. The same law protecting you from fraudulent credit card usage also protects you from unauthorized account access activity. 

Please refer to our Membership Agreement.

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