Courtesy Pay is our form of overdraft protection. 90 days after opening your checking account, we will automatically grant you $500 of overdraft protection. Courtesy Pay is a safety net. If your checking account balance is ever too low to clear your transaction, Courtesy Pay will kick in to cover it.

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What Courtesy Pay covers

  • Checks you’ve written
  • ACH transactions including online bill payments

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What Courtesy Pay will NOT cover

  • Cash withdrawals at the credit union
  • ATM withdrawals

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Benefits of Courtesy Pay

  • Avoid the embarrassment of denied payments or returned checks
  • Avoid returned check fees

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The Cost of Courtesy Pay

  • $30 fee per transaction when funds are not available in your account
  • There is no limit on the number of courtesy pay fees you can incur.
    Once your account reaches a negative balance of $500, transactions will not be paid.

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Alternatives to Courtesy Pay

  • Set up a savings account to overdraft to your checking (max. per transaction fee is only $2)
  • Set up another member’s savings account (spouse, parent, etc.) to overdraft to our checking (max. per transaction fee is $15)
  • Apply for a line of credit loan and designate it as your overdraft source
  • Setup E-Alerts for your checking account balance to cut down on the risk of an overdraft (free!)

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