A New Look is Coming To MemberFocus Community Credit Union!

We are excited to announce that LOC Federal Credit Union members approved a merger with MemberFocus Community Credit Union on April 26, 2022.

With effective date of this merger, MemberFocus Community Credit Union will change its name on July 1, 2022, to LOC Credit Union.

Existing Dearborn locations will continue to operate as MemberFocus Community Credit Union, a division of LOC Credit Union. The team you have come to know will continue to assist with your transaction and other financial needs.

Signage at these branches will be updated with the logo below to reflect this change.



Beginning July 1, 2022, you will also begin to see this logo or the LOC Credit Union name/logo on our website, a number of communications pieces, forms, disclosures, documents and other materials in the coming months as we work towards our system integration scheduled for August 1, 2022, at which point members will have access to branches in Farmington, Howell and Hartland.

You can continue to use your existing checks and credit card. Your payments and direct deposits will also process without interruption.

Your current debit card will work until July 31, 2022. New debit cards will be going out mid-July to replace your current card. The new card will need to be used starting August 1, 2022.

Please watch your mail and email in the coming weeks for up-to-date details on our system integration.